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Dead Halt is a roleplaying game about a megalithic Hotel, clunky computer consoles, modded humans going haywire, and wonderful adventures. Equip your new Maintenence crew at the random Item dispenser Gashapon in the basement, Grab a job from the Bartender, and take the elevator up to endless wonky floors beyond your imagination.

Easy to run, as the GM can borrow modules from any other game and allow the elevator's doors to open into it. Tomb of Horrors is a bit wackier when the Crew has a Microwave Gun, Piston Knees, a Computer Console in their party, and are tasked with arresting Acererak for unlawful excavation.

Wonderful to jump into, players build characters during roleplaying. While sitting at the bar and talking to the bartender they decide stats and immediately jump into an adventure. No prep. All hilarious fun.

Welcome to the Hotel.


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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How long does the physical copy typically take to ship?

Depends on where you live obviously, but I ship out basically next day if not same day :)

So wonderfully fun and wacky. Took a crew of absolute beginners through a mission and they had an absoutely fantastic time. My only complaint is that we need moar adventures! Wen Dead Halt adventure zine?

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So glad you got to play it! Steal some old dnd modules in the mean time (I ran Keep on the Borderlands in DH, it was wonderful) but, ZineQuest 2 is in exactly one month... hint hint


Easy to pick up and play! We didn't waste any time getting into it; as soon as you sit down you're playing the game. Great for one-off adventures on a cold winter night in, but comes with tons of stones to turn over for a longer campaign. There's more to the Hotel than meets the eye...


Bizarre yet familiar! 

Super beginner friendly, and wacky enough to entertain veteran RPG players all the same. 


this game was so fun to run through :) our whole group made a cast of quirky characters (I played a ratfolk with a staff she was trying to use for magicks) and we went through the albatross adventure included with the zine. love the npcs and how everything is designed with intense retro clunkpunk in mind, can really feel all the heart in it!